Benefits of Salt Soap Bars: Discover the Secret to Glowing Skin

When I started my soap-making journey, I experimented with A LOT of different combinations. At one time, we had stashes of soap drying and curing in closets, random shelves, and anywhere there was a spare surface. 

We learned pretty quick that whole flaxseeds were kind of annoying to deal with. 
We learned NOT to leave our bars of soap in a dish that didn't drain ... Goodbye fancy soap.
We learned that too many coffee grounds in a soap, sloughed off like, five layers of skin. 
We learned that the oils you choose to use, matters. And all of them behave differently in soap. 

But most importantly, we learned that adding salt into your soap? It was a whole new learning curve. It was a frustrating experience. There were tears, but it was a skillset I was absolutely going to learn come hell or high water. 

That's why Studio 36 is the Home of the Salt Bar. The OG. The trials and errors of maaaany bars of soap that were too ugly to sell, too drying to use, or too crumbly to cut. Yeah, it was all of that, that led us to this. I will not say that I'm the first person to ever make Salt Soap. The sheer history of soap making spans several thousand years that to say it, would be ignorant. I won't do that disservice to the chemists, witches, and apothecary's that came before me. 

Instead, I will nod my head to their spirits and thank them for the first paving stones on this journey to make for you, THE BEST bars of handmade soap possible.

Let's dive into the world of salt soap and uncover the secrets it holds.

Long-Lasting & Hard Bars: Durability that Delights Say goodbye to flimsy, quickly dissolving soaps. Our salt soap bars are meticulously crafted to withstand the test of time. These hard bars not only last longer but maintain their shape and texture, ensuring you get the most out of each bar. As with all handmade bars of soap, please allow them to drain and dry fully as ANY bar left in a pool of water, will melt away.

Packed with Trace Minerals and Vitamins: Nature's Nourishment Imagine treating your skin to a luxurious blend of trace minerals and vitamins every time you cleanse. Our salt soap bars are infused with these skin-loving nutrients, promoting a healthier complexion while leaving your skin feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

Balancing Skin pH: The Harmony Your Skin Craves Healthy skin thrives in a balanced pH environment. Salt soap bars help maintain this delicate equilibrium, gently cleansing without stripping away your skin's natural protective barriers. Experience the difference as your skin finds its perfect pH harmony.

You have heard it before. I have heard it before: your skin is the largest organ that your body has. 
What you put on it, is as important as what you put in it. You deserve to wash with the best soap there is.

Why Choose Bar Soap: A Sustainable Sensation Embrace the eco-friendly choice with bar soap. By using salt soap bars, you're reducing plastic waste and contributing to a cleaner planet. Plus, their solid form means they're travel-friendly, spill-proof, and a hassle-free addition to your skincare routine.

Why Salt Soap Bars Shine: The Ultimate Skincare Solution Elevate your skincare routine with salt soap bars that are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and invigorate your skin in one simple step. Their unique composition offers a gentle yet effective, smooth, non-abrasive scrubbing action, revealing the radiant skin beneath.

Conclusion: Make the switch to salt soap bars and experience the difference that nature's goodness can bring to your skincare journey. Discover the art of balance, nourishment, and sustainability – all wrapped up in a beautifully crafted bar.

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