Kentucky Bourbon

Ordering this particular scent, has been 10 years in the making. 
I'm not kidding. It's been on my wish list for the better part of my soaping career as I stumbled on it years ago. 
... and I wanted it so bad. 

I've always been, probably always will be, a Vanilla lover. I love rich scents. I love creamy, gourmet, gluttonous desserts - it only makes sense that I love things that smell like delicious foody goodness. 
candle burning ambiance
The first perfume I ever blended for myself was Smoked Vanilla. Yes, THE smoked vanilla that I currently blend for soaps and body sprays. And ya'll must love it too because it makes it onto the restock list all the time.

Back to Kentucky Bourbon. This has been my Milestone Oil. The one I would splurge and get when the time was right.

An intoxicating blend of warm & cozy vanilla, boozy bourbon, creamy liquer & gentle spices. 

How could I not? 

THEN. I found one of my favourite Fragrance Oil Suppliers RIGHT HERE IN CANADA, carries it. 


"Add to Cart." 

Yup. I ordered a slew of amazing scents and waited patiently for my parcel to arrive. And when it arrived ... I didn't even open it first. I waited. 

Delayed gratification and all that. 10 years waiting, what's a few more minutes?

I sniffed all the amazing oils and thought, "Damn, they really hit ALL of these out of the park. Amazing." And when it came time to open the holy grail, my eyes rolled in the back of my head, it was incredibly difficult for me not to just jar up a bottle, straight up call it perfume, and keep it for myself. Because it's THAT incredible. 

And what's even more amazing ... it smells exactly as I imagined it all those years ago when I first read the description. It lives up to its name. It hits all the right spots in terms of a creamy boozy scent - but doesn't smell like alcohol, does that make sense? It smells like it would taste good in my coffee lol 

We have received some sad news. Our favourite Canadian Supplier of high end, unique blend fragrances, is closing. And so we’ve made it our mission to snag as many amazing scents as we can before they close for good. More Kentucky is coming. And some other amazing scents. For now, I shall hoard away a tiny bottle for my shelf, and the rest will stay in the soap studio to bring you some amazing scented products. 

**Man, I sure hope you're picturing this scent ... and that your imagination is doing it all the justice it deserves. 

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