Bubble Bath Truffles

You might be asking yourself any of the following questions: "What is a bubble bath truffle? Why do they look like scoops of ice cream? How exactly does one use such a thing? What exactly do they do? Where can I find some?"

Allow me to answer all of those questions.

What is a Bubble Bath Truffle?
In a complete and total nutshell: bubble bath truffles are solid bubble bath. They are made from powdered surfactants, liquid surfactants, bound together with ingredients like baking soda, cream of tartar, and hard brittle butters like cocoa butter. They often are coloured with water soluble dyes, powdered ethically sourced/lab manufactured mica, and scented with essential oils or fragrance oils. 

Six brightly coloured bubble bath truffles that look like ice cream scoops. Yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink and purple in colour.

Why do they look like scoops of ice cream?

Truffles can be made into almost any shape or size - the "dough" is moldable and you might even see them "rolled" or in the shape of smaller novelty molds.

The addition of cocoa butter helps these little suckers harden into shapes. This is how they hold their cute little ice cream scoop look - which is how we like to make them and package them. We have a couple different scoop sizes but the medium is our favourite and by far the most popular.

How exactly does one use such a thing?
There are SO many different ways you can use a bubble bath truffle. When we first started making truffles we used them the old fashioned way: holding them under hot running water and crumbling them as the bath tub filled. The agitation from the filling water helped to generate bubbles. (Agitation will ALWAYS help build copious amounts of bubbles).

Some customers don't even use them as solid bubble bath, but use them for the conditioning properties by simply dropping them in the bath and letting them melt away. 

Our favourite way to use them is to pop them inside a mesh bag, hang it off of the faucet, and let the hot water run over the truffle as it melts, with the mesh bag helping to agitate the water (breaking it up as it flows over) and make bubbles. When we use this method, I recommend doing this right from the start of filling your bath. The continued disruption of the water is what's going to help fill your tub with luxurious bubbles.

Now, if you like to live dangerously and you have a jetted tub - fill your tub as usual, break up your truffle and toss it in the bath tub, turn on your jets for a couple of minutes until you are satisfied with the amount of bubbles in your bath. Then, enjoy.

What exactly do they do? 
The primary function of a bubble bath truffle is to make bubbles. The secondary function is to condition and soften skin. But maybe the acutal function of the bubble bath truffle is to encourage us to take time for ourselves and enjoy life's luxuries where we can.

Where can I find some?
You are in luck and in the right place. Studio 36 carries bubble bath truffles over in our online store: https://studio36body.myshopify.com/collections/bubble-bath


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